Statutory functions

Powers of the Commission according to the Article 155G. (1) (a) of the Constitution after the 19th amendment are  as follows :

  1. The Commission shall make the appointment, promotion, transfer, disciplinary control and dismissal of police officers other than the Inspector-General of Police.
  2. The Commission shall establish procedures to entertain and investigate public complaints and complaints of any aggrieved person made against a police officer or the Police Service and provide redress as provided by law.
  3. The Commission shall, in consultation with the Inspector-General of Police, provide for and determine all matters regarding police officers, including:-
    • the formulation of schemes of recruitment, promotion and transfers, subject to any policy determined by the Cabinet of Ministers pertaining to the same;
    • training and the improvement of the efficiency and independence of the police service;
    • the nature and type of the arms, ammunition and other equipment necessary for the use of the National Division and the Provincial Divisions; and
    • codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures.

The Commission shall exercise all such powers and discharge and perform all such functions and duties as are vested in it under Appendix I of List I contained in the Ninth Schedule to the Constitution.