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2002-2009 Period under the 17th Amendment to Constitution 

Many sections of the society demanded the establishment of Independent bodies for de-politicization of key public institutions for a long time. As a result Parliament of Sri Lanka, by unanimous decision promulgated the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in October 2001. National Police Commission was established in terms of the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution The underlying purpose was to ensure independence, freeing the Police Service from interference or undue influence; and to instill respect for Rule of Law among all ranks of the Police Service and to perform their duties impartially and fearlessly.

Powers and functions of the Commission

(I) The appointment, promotion, transfer, disciplinary control and dismissal of Police Officers other than the Inspector General of Police is vested in the Commission. The Commission shall exercise its powers of promotion, transfer, disciplinary control and dismissal in consultation with the Inspector General of Police. [Article 155 G (1)]

(II) The Commission shall establish procedures to entertain and investigate public complaints and complaints of any aggrieved person made against a Police Officer or the Police Service, and provide redress in accordance with the provisions of any law enacted by Parliament for such purpose [Article 155 G (2)]

(III) The Commission shall provide for and determine all matters regarding Police Officers, including the formulation of Schemes of Recruitment and Training and the improvement of the efficiency and independence of the Police Service. Codes of conduct and standards to be followed in making promotions and transfers, as the Commission may from time to time consider necessary or fit [Article 155 G (3)]

Secretaries served

Mr. S.D. Piyadasa (2003.01.27 to 2003.07.30)

Mr. Bandula Wijayarathne (2003.08.01 to 2004.09.09)

Mr. K.C. Logeswaran (2004.09.10 to 2010.03.04)

Mr. N.Ariyadasa Cooray (2010.03.08 to 2011.10.19) (Acting)

Mr. A. Kulatunga (2011.11.08 to 2012.04.22) (Acting)

Mr. T.M.K.B. Tennekoon (2012/04/23 to up to date)

There are several times in which the National Police Commission was inactive.

1 In between 1st Commission and 2nd Commission inactive time period was from 25.11. 2005 - 09.04. 2006.

In between 2nd Commission and the present Commission inactive time period was from 04.10.2009 - 21.02.2012.

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