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First Commission

By virtue of the powers vested under Article 155A(I) of the 17th Amendment of the Constitution Her Excellency the President, on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council appointed the Chairman and the following as Members for the first National Police Commission.

Mr. Ranjith Abeysuriya PC,


Dr, Thumbulle Seelakkandha Thero


Mrs. S.N.Ebert

Member (Resigned on 12/11/2003)

Dr. S.J. Stephen


Dr. B.S. Wijeweera

Member (Resigned on 12/10/2003)

Prof. M.T.A. Furkhan


Mr. A de Z. Gunasekara


Mr. S.B. Bandusena

Member (Appointed 05/11/2203)

Dr. M. Kopalasuntharam

Member (Appointed 05/11/2203)

Date of constituted: 25th November 2002
Inaugural Meeting on 25th November 2002,
Location:- No. 4, Srawasthi Place, Colombo 07.
Termination    1st Commission end 2005.11.24
NPC web site was first launched on. 2005
The NPC News letter
First started on 2005/07/18

Developed by ICT Unit of National Police Commission, in colaboration with Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka.